Little Stalker

There she stood in all her glory, the object of my affections. The way her chocolate-brown hair fluttered in the win filled me with complete joy and her eyes, oh her eyes. The emerald greens could pierce into your very soul as if she was learning all your dirty little secrets. Her skin was so pale that it was almost translucent. But she hid it all beneath that oversized red hoodie; it was like that thing was infused to her skin. Regardless of it all, she was still a masterpiece; she was my masterpiece. Read more



Pretending to be someone you’re not isn’t so fun, but fitting in is. When you fit in you’re accepted, wanted, needed, by society. Something I always craved, something I never found, so when the popular crowd looked my way, I didn’t hesitate to impress. Maybe that’s why I climbed up the social ladder quickly. That’s why I was here with them, laughing about something completely ridiculous, especially when I wasn’t in the mood… Sometimes you just have to keep up an act.  Read more