Day 6 (Present time)

“Mrs. can you remember anything at all? Anything that can help us find your children?”

“No,” I cried, sobs racking my body as I fell over. Two pale blonde haired arms gracefully caught me. I glanced up to find my husband who looked heart broken.

“Leah, please. We need to know everything you know. Think back,” He begged as he raised me up and onto the nearest chair which was directly in front of the lean and tall sheriff who was cautiously watching me.

“Danny, can you please leave the room? I think it’s best if I question her one on one,” He informed, taking a seat as he looked at my husband.

“So you can hound her like she’s a criminal,” He venomously spurred as he glared at the tan man, as he sized him up. His eyes widened a little when Sheriff Jones stood up from his position on his desk. He walked over towering above my husband, who’s chunky but compressed force held no threat to the fit man.

He ran his tan hand through his chocolate brown hair, before closing his greenish-blue eyes and sighed. “Sir, I can guarantee you that I will not treat your wife hostile,”

“Darling please leave,” I said, my voice barely reaching over a whisper. He looked over at me as if I had shot him but none the less he walked out the door.

“Mrs. Pierce, do you remember the last place you saw them?”

In my mind I always went back to the Witch’s Coven, that’s where everything went downhill.

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Little Mirror

“You’re an ugly one, aren’t you?” her reflection mused aloud. Ari jerked back in shock and dropped the antique handheld mirror to the floor. Luckily, or perhaps, unfortunately, her floors were covered with thick plush carpets, and so the mirror did not shatter. Read more


A tale as old as time.

The Beast often kills the Beauty.

He is a horrible monster with no one to love him.

The Beauty is often kind to the Beast.

She is a young maiden-virginal and pure.

That is how things often are.

It is not how things are in this story.

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