Chapter 2

This is what I wanted my future to be like, filled with happiness. I wanted my life to be filled with good memories. Memories I’d look fondly back at. But I’d also have to accept the bad memories as well. Though if I had people who cared about me, they wouldn’t be so bad.  They’d make life tolerable and worth living.
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Chapter 1

Thoughts kill you… Or so that’s what I’m convinced as to. It’s never usually healthy, the thoughts running around in your head. It eats you alive until you’re obsessing about it. And trust me obsession is never healthy. Well sometimes, if it’s a healthy obsession. Like with sports, except the aggression part, well actually scratch that. Maybe with video games, well it’s good until it consumes your life and leaves you with no skills of social interaction. So maybe I’ve come to the terms that no obsession is healthy…
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It’s not like I could escape it… This town, this quiet little town called Riverdale wasn’t much of a safe haven as you’d expect little towns to be. Oh, there was so much more that this town held that I would soon come to know; secrets, lies, death, betrayal, etc. Honestly, I didn’t know why I still stuck around in this town. I could have gone to live with my mother in Forks. But I chose to stay back with my dad, why? Must be a very good reason. Read more

A Novel Beginning

She wasn’t any good at spying.

Ezra and Maryelis’s were the ones who excelled at deception, not little Cecily who tripped on air and preferred to write in her journal. If they hadn’t been in dire times, Maryelis would have taken this particular job, seeing as these were her friends. Read more

Once a Rapunzel

She was sitting in an alcove of Libby’s, her brown hair drawn back in a knot and her knees pulled up as she leaned on the glass panel at her side. Her sketchbook was resting on her knees as she took to work capturing the quiet street on the other side of the window. She was careful to leave out the moving people and cars. Read more

Once a Little Mermaid

It began in high school with a brush of the shoulders, a mumbled sorry from her side and a laugh from Susan’s. Though they had kept walking in their own directions, Bernadette had glanced backward once. What she would always remember was the girls’ loose hair, not confined by a band or styled by society’s standards. No, they had been entirely themselves, and it had entranced her–still entranced her. From then, the desire to be like them took hold of her, became an obsession in itself. Read more

Once a Little Red: Part 2

Layla Nasser was a clever little thing. Few ever noticed Okami skulking behind. Even fewer dared to call out the Big Bad Wolf instead of waiting for him to attack on his own. He was just a little bit frightened of her for challenging him so openly, but also a bit enraged that she would take him so lightly. Read more