It’s not like I could escape it… This town, this quiet little town called Riverdale wasn’t much of a safe haven as you’d expect little towns to be. Oh, there was so much more that this town held that I would soon come to know; secrets, lies, death, betrayal, etc. Honestly, I didn’t know why I still stuck around in this town. I could have gone to live with my mother in Forks. But I chose to stay back with my dad, why? Must be a very good reason.

“Not that I don’t love the silence, but are you okay?” A concerned voice asked, breaking me out of my train of thought. I glanced over at the boy, taking him in; his pale skin glistened under the neon lights from Pop Tate’s sign, most of his wavy black hair was hidden under his crown beanie with only a few strands falling in front of his blue-green eyes that bore into my soul. I smiled to myself as I stared back at my reason.

Stealing a fry from him, I nodded my head. “Awe, Jugs, you’re concerned about me!!!” I squealed, clasping my hands together. He glared at me before turning his attention back to his laptop. “Working on your fanfiction, eh?” I questioned, stealing another fry from him.

“It’s not fanfiction,” He responded turning his attention to me, narrowing his eyes once he noticed the crispy potato hanging from my mouth, in turn, he moved the fry basket closer to himself. I rolled my eyes at his childish behavior before reaching over and grabbing another one, Jughead quickly swatted my greedy hands.

“Jugsss,” I stretched out his name, slightly whining. “Learn to share.”

“You’re the one who needs to learn how to ask,” He retorted, raising his eyebrows as a devious smirk made its way onto my face. I quickly grabbed his chocolate milkshake and took a long sip from it before it was snatched away from the devil himself.

“Fine, next time I’ll ask.” Jughead looked proud of himself before turning back to his laptop and typing away. After a moment of silence, I opened my mouth again, “What’s your fanfiction about?”

“How many times do I have to tell you it’s not fanfiction?” I smiled cheekily causing Jughead to shake his head. “It’s about my adventures with Archie and all the secrets that this town holds.”

“Still convinced that this town has secrets? Honestly Jugs, this town may not be peaceful but at least it’s not like Bates Motel, now that shit is batshit crazy.” I responded, thinking about the creepy relationship that Norman Bates held with his mother.

“You’d be surprised, Tris. This town is a lot more than it seems.” He replied in his doom and gloom mood before yet again turning back to his laptop.

“Anyways,” I started warily, trying to change the topic before Jughead got into his rant about how horrible Riverdale was. “Excited for your fourth of July weekend get away with Archie?” I raised my eyebrows, sneakily grabbing his chocolate milkshake and taking a sip out of it. I could have sworn that Jughead noticed because the sides of his mouth were twitching from the excitement of exchanging saliva with me.

“Yeah.” He replied, trying to play it off cool before glaring at me as he noticed the peppermint-colored straw between my lips. I smiled cheekily before sliding it over towards him. “You know, you could come along if you want?”

“Nah, I couldn’t. This is the only time you get Archie to yourself without Betty throwing herself at him and keeping everyone at bay. Plus the bromance is what every girl lives for,” I exclaimed, playfully reaching over and punching Jughead in the arm.

“You don’t know the definition of personal space, do you Tristesse?”

“Awe, Jugs! When I can’t help myself,” I sighed all dreamy like to add more emphasis on Jughead’s charm. Jughead rolled his eyes in annoyance before turning back to his laptop.

“Not a lot of people can.” He smirked behind his screen as he typed away.

“Did Jughead Jones make a joke? I thought you dealt with those things with sarcasm.” I retorted, leaning over and closing his laptop, by now Jughead was only a breath away. “You have really nice eyes,” I commented after a moment of silence that we spent staring at each other. Jughead looked like a deer caught in headlights, reaching over I grabbed a fry.

It took Jughead a moment to realize what would happen but by then I was already comfortably seated back in my part of the booth. “Hey!” He whined as I put the fry in my mouth. “Stop stealing my fries!”

“But they’re so good!”

“Then ask,” He responded, opening up his laptop.

“Can I read what you’ve written so far?” I asked reaching over for his laptop.

“No.” He swatted my hand away.

“Can I have a fry?” I inquired my hand hovering above the fry basket.
“No,” He stated, swatting my hand away.


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