Thoughts kill you… Or so that’s what I’m convinced as to. It’s never usually healthy, the thoughts running around in your head. It eats you alive until you’re obsessing about it. And trust me obsession is never healthy. Well sometimes, if it’s a healthy obsession. Like with sports, except the aggression part, well actually scratch that. Maybe with video games, well it’s good until it consumes your life and leaves you with no skills of social interaction. So maybe I’ve come to the terms that no obsession is healthy…

“Aye! Mack, lost in your thoughts again?” A deep laughter inquired from behind. My eyes trailed up the form fitting body until they locked with an onyx pair of eyes, belonging to a very amused Malakai Asher. He slowly made his way next to me as I sheepishly grinned at him. “It seems like the only thing you do now and days. Just get lost in your thoughts or sleep.”

“The only thing you seem to do is breathe and eat engineering.” I retorted with a roll of my eyes. “Yet you complain about how lonely you are. Which in reality you have all these people surrounding you.”

“So sassy babe. You know he’s my best friend right?” The familiar voice of the object of my past affections, Elian Calloway uttered.

I emphasize past affections due to the fact that I had a crush on him millenniums ago. I mean it wasn’t exactly millenniums ago… More like 2 years ago. It was my first ever crush too. He wasn’t the typical, head over heels first crush either. I hadn’t really expected much from him. I mean we had just gotten to know each other, and my crush didn’t help. It made things weird for the both of us. Eventually, we got around it, with some work. But that led us to-

“Here she goes again… You think she knows she’s spacing out? Isn’t it dangerous to not pay attention to where you’re walking? For Christ’s sake, this child is going to kill herself.” Malakai rambled, running his hands through his hair. I snorted, gaining both their attentions again.

“Not if you don’t kill me first. I swear hanging around you makes me lose brain cells.”

“Hey! You enjoy your time with me. Or else you wouldn’t stick around.” He countered with a triumphant grin. I wish I could wipe that little- “Hey now don’t be getting lost in your thoughts on me. You hadn’t had enough of me just yet.”

“Like she’d want any of you when she has me!” Elian remarked wrapping his arms around my shoulder. My face grew red, it’s not like I liked the guy. I mean I do but just as a friend. A very attractive friend.

A bark of laughter pierced through my train of thought. “Your face… oh god, your face.” Malakai cried as we came to a stop outside Elian’s house.

“She just can’t resist me. It’s not my fault that I’m so irresistible. It’s a curse I tell you.” Elian dramatically exclaimed. I rolled my eyes at the two fools I surrounded myself with.

“Oh shut up! Malakai, let’s get out of here.” I didn’t leave enough time for said boy to protest before dragging him off. Behind me, I could hear the dramatic speech Elian was giving about losing his real love.

“Hey… Uh, could you do me a favor and let me walk on my own? I mean I do have legs for a reason.” I sent a glare his way. “Okay, no, yeah that’s fine. I preferred being dragged anyways. Less effort for me.”

The silence between us was peaceful. It was something I needed, to get lost in my thoughts, with the company. But sometimes the sound is good because that means you’re awake, and silence is dangerous. Being alone is dangerous. The absence of company is scary because then you’re on your own. And being alone means, you’re vulnerable to your thoughts. Maybe I should stop thinking…

“So, this is my stop,” Malakai awkwardly started. He looked up into the sky before continuing, “Still into him?”

“Not by a long shot. I like him. But just as a friend. What we went through was dramatic and a complete roller coaster. It’s too complicated, way too complex to like someone.” I confessed. “It’s hard, leaving your happiness in someone else’s hand. Because what matters most to them is making sure they are happy. And you can’t blame people for that… You can’t make them stay. If they need to leave, that’s what they have to do. And it’s your choice, if you want to exit the door is open for them, you can. But you can’t expect them to come back to you. Sometimes great things turn toxic. And you just gotta let it go. Oh my gosh, I’m rambling. I am so sorry.”

“It’s kind of cute.” Malakai smiled staring into my eyes.

“Uhm… Thanks. Anyways, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I mumbled turning my head the other way to avoid eye contact. I began walking off at a fast pace, barely missing the last words he muttered.

“See ya. God, I’m such an idiot.” He more or less whispered to himself. I chuckled before turning the corner and slowing my pace.

“Alone at last…” I sighed. Whether in annoyance or in peace was a mystery to me. I actually missed the company… “Spoke too soon.” I started rummaging through my bag for the ringing phone. “Hello?” I responded to it not bothering to check the caller I.D.

“Missed me, babe?” Elian’s seductive voice whispered as I turned onto my street.

“Really Elly? Is that so necessary?”

“I’m going to add Malakai to the call,” Elian stated, going through with his actions.

“Aye!” Malakai’s voice echoed. “Sooooooo Kennaaaaaaa. How did douche bag introduce himself now?”

“Ya know the the usual way he does. ‘Missed me, babe?’.” I tried imitating Elian, only causing both boys to laugh at me. “Hey! That’s not funny!” I whined as I struggled to find my house keys. “Ah ha!”

“She finally found her keys.” Elian teased, using the voice I used to imitate him. Malakai busted into tears at that.

“Haha. Hilarious. If you guys are going to tease me, I’ll leave.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO. Stay Mackenna.” They both said in unison, and then fell into a fit of laughter again as I entered my house. I quickly made my way up to the attic.

“Idiots. I’m dealing with fools.” I muttered tossing my bag onto my bed. “Hey, guys? Are we down for Skype?”

“Eh not sure I have a lot of homework…” Malakai trailed off sadly.

“We could always do it together? The more, the better, plus three great minds? I think we’d be done in no time.” Elian responded.

“But we all have a habit of distracting each other.”

“That we do Malakai. But we might get more work done. Usually, we end up texting each other.” Elian reasoned.

“I guess I’m in. What time though?”

“Hmm, how about after I change into something comfortable?” I responded, regretting it soon after when I heard Elian’s throaty chuckle.

“How about you call me and I can help you pick something? You could also give me a show as well.”

“In your dreams, Casanova.” I retorted in a childish manner. “Now you boys chit chat while I grab some sweats and a t-shirt.”

“As you wish my lady,” Malakai stated in all seriousness.


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