This is what I wanted my future to be like, filled with happiness. I wanted my life to be filled with good memories. Memories I’d look fondly back at. But I’d also have to accept the bad memories as well. Though if I had people who cared about me, they wouldn’t be so bad.  They’d make life tolerable and worth living.

“Ms. McKinley, would you like to share your poem with the rest of the class?” The heart shaped face of my English teacher appeared in front of my face. “Please?” She looked eager for a volunteer. Sighing, I nodded my head with a hesitant smile gracing my lips.

“You and The Night. At night I grow restless thinking of you; as hours tick on by as I toss and turn. Ideas of you leave me lonely and blue. Your smile lights up the room, oh how I yearn! The night grows dark, and its silence is profound, but the thoughts of you echo throughout me. I will myself not to think but to sleep. I wonder why you can not let me be. But as the night withers, so do my thoughts.  The sun rises, and you have disappeared. But this time I am no longer distraught, For the feelings, I hold for you are cleared.  Although I do wish you the very best, I know that from here on out I can rest.”

The room is oddly silent as I finish my poem. Soon enough the echoing sound of clapping fills the room. I take a glance at Mrs. Prince, only to see her furiously wiping away the tears from her face. “That was beautiful.” The brunette boy, Nicky whispered my way. I smiled in his direction, it wasn’t a genuine smile, more forced if anything.

I heard a mutter of “Who hurt you so badly?” from across from me. I shifted my eyes downward. Who did hurt me? Or was I just in love with being sad that I subjected myself to the pain of unrequited love? Well, it wasn’t loved, just a crush. A silly crush. It wouldn’t and didn’t amount to anything else.

“That was beautiful Ms. McKinley. I wouldn’t expect any less from you.” Mrs. Prince exclaimed as she grabbed the rest of our poems. “Sadly that’s all we can read for today. The third period always seems to be short on time.”

“Maybe if you knew what you were doing, then we wouldn’t be short on time.” Nicky’s friend, David muttered from in front of me. I rolled my eyes, he was a pathetic excuse for a person.

“Maybe if you weren’t such a douche girls would actually give you a try.” I retorted, the sass evident in my voice. David’s eyes widened, shocked someone heard him. His mouth soon formed a smirk when he glanced at me.

“Feisty, I like.” He said, looking me up and down. Well as much as he could seeing as we were seated.

“Such a shame. Because I clearly do not like you.” I replied with as much disgust as I could summon. Thankfully the bell rang, signaling the much-needed end to the horribly put conversation. “And that’s my cue for an escape.” I quickly made an exit making sure to leave both Nicky and David in the dust. 125 more days and I wouldn’t have to deal with anyone anymore.

“Hey, Mack!” Heavy footsteps were trailing behind me. I turned around to see a dark-haired tan boy barreling his way towards me.

“Max. Slow down.” The blonde girl behind him warned. “Too late…” She winced as he crashed into me.

“Could you get off me, Maxwell?”

“Yeah, Yeah of course.” He scrambled to his feet, extending a hand out to help me up. “I know what I’m doing Talia.” He muttered to the blonde as she rolled her eyes at him. He turned his attention back to me, and I grabbed his hand, and he jolted me upwards. “Sorry about that.” He apologized sheepishly. “So how are Malakai and Elian?”

“Hmm, you know the usual. Elian’s focusing on football, Cass Tech made it to the state champions, this might be their second win. Puts a lot of pressure on Elly. Northwestern has been offering a lot of volunteering opportunities, so Malakai is busting his ass off. He hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep, and lately, he’s been snapping at people when they piss him off. His happy go lucky aura is fading and fast. They’re both under a lot of stress. They can’t deal.”

“And the bells going to ring soon… Meaning we’ll have less than 5 minutes to get to class. So we should get going.”


I couldn’t quite think straight. But when did I ever? My thoughts were always jumbled up. Waiting to express themselves through my stories, poems, through the written word. They flowed so elegantly, unlike when it came from my lips. Oh, what I would give to possess such speech.

“Are you going to continue picking at your food?” Talia questioned, a finely threaded eyebrow rising.

“Huh? Oh no,” I mumbled before stuffing my face with the sandwich.

“Somehow she still manages to look breathtaking even if she’s eating like she hasn’t seen the food before,” Maxwell announced his presence. I took a massive swing from my sparkling water, soon after sticking my tongue out at him. “How do you drink that crap?” He grabbed my bottle, pushing away my hands. “Peach sparkling water. Ew.”

“Max, buzz off.” Talia slapped him over the head. He muttered a sorry before handing me back my drink. “One more period and we’re done with the day.” Talia sighed in relief.

“Hmm. I can have more food…” I moaned, throwing my head back, my mouth drooling.

“Just eat the food in front of you.” Talia giggled snapping me out of my hypnotic phase.

Max smirked, “I can make you moan like that too. All we need is a bed. Hell, all we need is a table.”

“I’m pretty sure Vy wouldn’t approve of you talking to her best friend like that.” Talia scolded, that seemed to be the main thing she did to Maxwell.


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